The Spirit Of Adventure offers open party and private charter fishing trips ranging from 1.5 to 11 days in length. 1.5 day trips depart approximately at 6pm and return approximately at 6am. All other trips depart approximately at 11Am and return approximately at 6am. Arriving at the boat 2 hours prior to departure is recommended to allow check-in and loading of gear.

Most fishing trips do not require you to bring a boat load of gear and tackle but if you bring your own gear we recommend the following:

Rod and reel setups 20-130lb test
Extra line including fluorocarbon
Hooks of various sizes #2-6/0
Fishing lures including salas lures or flat fall type lures
Various lead weight sinkers
Bait catcher sabiki rigs
Line cutting tools
Rubber boots
**on 7 day and longer trips bring titanium or stainless fishing wire leader for wahoo

The Spirit offers a limited amount of terminal tackle for sale on board at landing prices. We also offer AVET rental gear on board for $15 each setup per trip. H&M Landing also offers rental gear and sells most tackle needed for a fishing trip.

For any tackle questions or recommendations contact H&M Landing or your trip’s charter master.